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(epoque) Clothing & Hair – Winter 2010

Helloooooo blog-loves. It’s been a long while since I’ve updated here, so I do apologize if you’ve missed any of our releases! Fear not, I have some lovely clothes and hair for guys and girls today. Enjoy!

First things first! We have MOVED. New location! Find it HERE!


Hair for Guys & Girls (Unisex!)


Now for the clothing!

Unisex Draped Cowl Tee – Available in 8 Unisex-Friendly Tones

Buttoned Military Skirt – Available in 8 Deep Tones

Off-Shoulder Sweater Dress – Available in 8 Winter Jewel Tones

Be sure to check out the Fatpacks that include all colors for 30% off (that’s like getting some for *free!*)


That’s all for this week!

Remember all these items are available at our new Mainstore located HERE!

Love youuuu,
❤ Vintage


New @ Epoque – 7.28.10

Hey guyssss.

So before we jump into the new releases I just wanted to let you know that these products are *exclusive* to the Albero Mens’ location of Epoque which can be found HERE.

Stay tuned to the end of this post for a SUPER IMPORTANT announcement!

With that being said, I give you two new mens’ hairs today. Enjoy!


Okay so for the announcement. Epoque is proud to present to you its first ever full collection of clothing. While it’s not released yet, we are planning on having a show at 1pm SLT on Sunday, August 1st!

The show will not only be a debut runway event, but it will be presented in the form of a concert, in some ways. The show music is all set to, none other than, Lady Gaga, so, I’d suggest avoiding the show if you’re not really into her music.

If you are! I’ll be sending out a landmark to the event either the day of or the day before.

Hope to see some of you there, and keep your eyes peeled for the clothing.

ALSO, soon the mainstore will be closed for remodeling, so don’t be surprised if it goes missing temporarily.

Love you!
❤ Vintage

New @ Epoque – 3.20.10

Hello loves!

Today marks the beginning of the Spring 2010 hair, we’ve got 5 (4 and a half-ish) new hairs, all new textures, and new HUDs to match. 😀

Available at the Mainstore!

The Line-Up:

Girl Hair –

headband accessory, not a full hair

Boy Hair –


In Other Hair News: All previously released hairs from Fall ’09 will be receiving a facelift, new textures & HUDs as well, and will be returned to the store soon, but for now have been put away. Don’t worry! They will all be coming back.

Love you!
❤ Vintage

New Male Hair @ EPOQUE

Hello loves!


Today Ras & I bring to you 4 new male hairs.

**headband/beanie are not detachable**

Hair is scripted texture change and includes a HUD for doing so.

275 a pack for 5 scripted colors
925 for a fatpack of 5 color packs & 5 colors each (that’s 25 colors, and saves you the price of a color pack)


Hair is located in flagship main building with other hairs.


We love you all!
❤ Vintage & Ras

New Male Hair @ Epoque!

Hello hellooooooo.

Ras and I have 3 new male hairs we’re sending your way today.


Theses styles are a shorter and choppier than the previous hairs made by Ras, but they still embody the image he portrays.

They sell for the same price as my hairs, 275 for 5 colors (and a neat-o recolor HUD) and 925 for the fatpack (which includes all 5 color packs and HUDs, which is 25 colors. :D)

Here is the SLurl, so hurry down and we’ll see you soon!


❤ Vintage & Ras!

NEW Male Hair

Today I bring to you 5 new male hairs from Epoque!

These hairs were designed by a new designer to the team, Ras Nootan, who has been brought on just for this occasion. I leave you with a short and sweet post. Here are the new hairs, and at the bottom you can find the SLurl!

Ras Nootan for Epoque

Enjoy, guys. (and girls, these can totally be unisex)

❤ Vintage, and Ras!