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EPOQUE – Product Release – August 2014

All of these releases are available @ the EPOQUE Mainstore!

| 8.5.14 Release Information |

Hello Lovelies. It’s been far too long, hasn’t it? Today’s release is rather immense, if I do say so myself.

[[ Below each release you will find a direct Marketplace link for that item (All color packs are in the related items at the bottom of the page) ]]


First up are the ‘Vintage Frames.’ A trendy, vintage-inspired pair of glasses with a lot of options. Each pack of 3 comes with solid & clear lenses, and both silver & gold hardware options.

Marketplace Direct Link



Next up is a pair of bikini-cut panties in an array of colors with all appliers included.
– Slink Physique
– Wowmeh
– Apple May Baby Bump
– Phat Azz / Cute Azz

Marketplace Direct Link



Our Sister-Store ‘skin&bones’ has been officially welcomed into the EPOQUE family. The entrance to this store can be found right in our entryway. There you will find this brand new set of ‘Coven’ inspired poses.



Lastly, we have a cat eye liner set that we believe is absolutely necessary to get that EPOQUE look. Pack includes 5 styles with 2 variations; one for creased eyes, and one for uncreased.

Marketplace Direct Link


We hope you enjoy today’s release and be sure to look forward to more from us, including some VIP group gifts coming very soon!

Remember to find us on Plurk & Flickr!




See you soon!
❤ Vin, Zie, & Dot


EPOQUE BLACK — Mesh Eyewear Release


All items available at the Mainstore!

| 6.12.12 Release Information |
Hi guys,
Today we bring you two pieces of UN-RIGGED MESH eyewear. One of them is sure to suit your taste!
Up first is the previously released Roundabout Frames, that are now available in 4 different color packs to choose from. Each color pack Gold, Obsidian, and Silver metal finishings.

Second we have the Redemption Frames, a new pair of frames that are sleek and modern. These also come in a wide range of colors to choose from.

| (epoque) VIP Commune |

– EPOQUE has an exclusive, VIP only group ‘(epoque) VIP Commune.’
– There is a small fee to join, but this group receives exclusive gifts and 15% store credit on all new merchandise purchases.
-Search ‘(epoque) VIP Commune’ in-world to join.
| (epoque) subscribe |

– If you do not wish to pay the extra fee, but still enjoy our products please join our Subscriber located at the store.
– This will not cost you anything to join, nor will it take up a group slot.

As always, happy shopping!
❤ Vintage & Riot.

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STUMBLEBUM Item & Sale Closure

Hey guys!

TP to Epoque!

Just a reminder that today is the LAST DAY OF THE EYEWEAR SALE! Midnight SLT tonight all prices will return to normal.

On that note,

This week I am part of the Stumblebum Brigade! For any info, (and for a list of other vendors participating this week) please join the in-world group ‘The Stumblebum Brigade’.

I bring to you an exclusive pair of glasses never before released. I would explain them, but I think they can speak for themselves.

That’s all for today!

Love youuuuu!
❤ Vintage

EPOQUE | operation:summer | Eyewear Sale

Epoque Eyewear Presents, The Eclipse Pt. 2

Part 2 of the Eclipse Series is here today. I bring you 4 new glasses (1 revamp, 2 facelifts and one BRAND new pair)

For you avid shoppers, here’s the SLurl:
**REMEMBER These are NOT in the same building! Either use this LM or follow the signs in the main store area**



For those of you who haven’t been following the series:

Some of the glasses have been seen in previous collections, but I assure you they have brand new textures and a whole new look.

This week I bring to you a pair you’ve seen before with new textures and the fancy new HUD (Feline), but also 2 pairs you’ve seen before, but have been made totally new and way more detailed and advanced (Essential and Flat-top [previously Urban] ).

Remember the vendors have a Gift option. So you don’t have to worry about IMing me to send them to anyone.



Fall ’09 [BRAND NEW] –

Spring ’09 –

Fall ’08 –

(previously ‘Urban Shades’)


Alright, that’s it for this week. I’ll see you here!

Love you lots,
❤ Vintage

New Years Freebie from Epoque!

Hey guys! Sent this out to my update group earlier, but I’ve placed it in the Mainstore now. Come on down and get it while it’s still relevant! Happy New Year!


❤ Vintage

Epoque Eyewear Presents, The Eclipse Pt. 1

The new Eyewear line is finally here!

For those of you who want to cut the chit-chat and get straight to the products, here’s a landmark:

*PLEASE USE THIS SLURL. These items are NOT located in the main Flagship store. They are off to the side in another building!*



Okay so after many months of preparation (and being really busy due to RL) I FINALLY present to you the new collection from Epoque Eyewear, entitled, ‘The Eclipse.’

The collection features new designs, as well as old designs from previous collections. Although I guarantee to you that these are not the same glasses you have grown to love. They have had a total facelift from top to bottom and are not longer touch scripted. Each pack includes a Texture Change HUD that corresponds with the pack you have selected. While wearing this you can gracefully and quickly click through any color you’d like, without having to guess which color is which.

I’ve also updated my vendors so that they now include a GIFT option! All you have to do is right click them and select the ‘Gift’ button from the pie menu and you can send them to whomever you’d like! Also with the new vendors I’ve added a Redelivery Terminal! If at any time you do not receive your item, simple visit one of these terminals and your item will be sent to you!



This week I bring you 7 pairs of glasses, some old, some BRAND new. I assure you this is NOT the complete collection, it is merely the start of a long work process that I am proud to finally present to you.

BRAND new Winter 09:

Spring 09


Fall 08



I hope to see you here! Come down and grab a demo and soak in the atmosphere.

Love you lots!
❤ Vintage