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(EPOQUE) New Hair Release @ The Fantasy Collective

REMINDER: We have moved! Please save our NEW SLURL.


| 11.20.14 Release Information |

Hello Lovelies. Today we have a Mesh Hair release!


‘Follower’ is an updo that features a bun on top and a long ponytail that drapes over the face (and optional bangs)! This hair looks extra badass with ombre and dip-dye colours from our Hybrid pack.


We hope you enjoy today’s release and be sure to look forward to more from us!

Remember to find us on Plurk & Flickr!




See you soon!
♥ Vin & Zie



These items are available exclusively at Vintage Fair 2012! Find our booth here!


| 8.4.12 Release Information |

Vintage Fair is upon us and we bring you two brand new sets of accessories!

The Neoclassicism collar is a modernized collar neck-piece that features a metallic button and stud attachments. There are 3 fabrics to choose from – White, Black, and a black Leather – each comes with 3 metal finishes – Silver, Gold, and Obsidian

The Farfalle bowtie is a classic silk bowtie that comes with two options – A standalone version mean for shirt collars and jumpers, and a banded version meant as an accessory for a bare neck. The bowtie comes in 6 solid colors and a special feline print.


| (epoque) VIP Commune |

– EPOQUE has an exclusive, VIP only group ‘(epoque) VIP Commune.’
– There is a small fee to join, but this group receives exclusive gifts and 15% store credit on all new merchandise purchases.
-Search ‘(epoque) VIP Commune’ in-world to join.
| (epoque) subscribe |

– If you do not wish to pay the extra fee, but still enjoy our products please join our Subscriber located at the store.
– This will not cost you anything to join, nor will it take up a group slot.
Enjoy the fair!
❤ Vintage & Riot.

EPOQUE – Shopping Spree Credit Giveaway!

More information about this Giveaway below the cut!

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EPOQUE – Hair Fair 2012

So, Hair Fair 2012 is nearly upon us! Starting tomorrow you can pick up these 4 brand new mesh hairstyles from the Fair!

Along with these brand new styles we’ve been hard at work to bring you brand new textures and the introduction of a few new color packs for you to choose from!

Hair Fair opens tonight at Midnight SLT! (12am SLT July 14th)


For more information on this year’s event, please visit the official Hair Fair blog.

EPOQUE | Tardy to the Party.

Hello all!

I know you expected a preview today, but unfortunately the event where my debut gown was going to be worn has been postponed.

The GLANCE Awards have been rescheduled to next Sunday, February 27th.

Once the event is through I will reveal the FULL gown, as well as an added bonus! (It will be well worth the wait, I assure you.)

Until then, I leave you with another glimpse at what you’re going to see.

❤ Vintage

Epoque ‘VICTIM’ Tickets & Show Information

The ‘Victim’ show is a production of Epoque created to presents its new clothing collection in a unique environment. The show runs about an hour long and features the music of Lady Gaga. It is a full on concert experience with performers wearing pieces from the collection.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, August 6th, at 1pm SLT.

They will be available on Xstreet ONLY with a limit of 30 tickets per show, at L$250

There will be two shows:

Saturday, August 7th, 6pm SLT
Sunday, August 8th, 11am SLT

Please make sure you buy the CORRECT SHOW TIME when purchasing your tickets. Tickets may be refunded, but with no guarantee of openings in either show.

Ticket purchase includes a free outfit and other gifts that will be given on the day of the show.

If you are debating whether or not it is worth the price, feel free to view a short video put together by Lili Brink of ‘Brinksie’

Please note that, as of now, this is the only opportunity you will have to see the show.

Remember, tickets will *NOT* be listed on Xstreet until August 6th at 1pm SLT.

Love you lots!
❤ Vintage

New @ Epoque – 7.17.10

Helloooooooooooooooooooo lovies

New stuff and some information for you today!

So first up, the next installment on the mirror sim, home of ‘melt’, is ‘It was a Blur’. The installment is now open and features some brilliant designers along with their amazing work. Find all that stuff HERE.

My contribution to this event is a full 630 prim dress. Yes, 630 …You might want to pick your jaw up off the floor now. Because of its immense prim count and structure, both Radio Signals and OMGWTF Barbecue assisted in the contruction of this dress. Without them this dress would be um. Suckish.

The dress features a prim bodice, which can be worn as a stand-alone bodysuit, a front and back piece to the dress (for multiple options), a hat, and a 2.0 Alpha layer to hide your avatars legs (works well with AO’s so they don’t poke through). The bodice also includes versions with an without a static animation (also assisting in hiding the body in the dress).

Whilst making ths dress the talented moo Money recorded and edited the full construction (sped up, of course). Which you can watch HERE.


Secondly! I’m up for Stumblebum this week, and I bring you a preview of what’s to come for Epoque LateSummer/Fall.

The Overstated Bow includes versions for your head and for your neck, allowing it to serve multiple functions. The pack includes various attachment locations in *both* colors. Great for guys & girls alike. This item can be found at the mainstore.


That’s it for this week!

**REMINDER!** The Summer Hair Retirement Sale ends *TOMORROW.* Hurry down while you can still get *ALL* hairs for L$50 and VINTAGEwear hairs for L$25!

Love youuuuu!
❤ Vintage

STUMBLEBUM Item & Sale Closure

Hey guys!

TP to Epoque!

Just a reminder that today is the LAST DAY OF THE EYEWEAR SALE! Midnight SLT tonight all prices will return to normal.

On that note,

This week I am part of the Stumblebum Brigade! For any info, (and for a list of other vendors participating this week) please join the in-world group ‘The Stumblebum Brigade’.

I bring to you an exclusive pair of glasses never before released. I would explain them, but I think they can speak for themselves.

That’s all for today!

Love youuuuu!
❤ Vintage

EPOQUE – Exclusive Event Items

Hellloooo all! So this post is about the TWO events I’m participating in that open today!


First up is the Accessory Fair that opens [[ today at 1pmSLT. ]] It features a BUNCH of really great accessory designers, and we all have exclusive items that you can ONLY GET HERE.

My items:

The Gallery Chapeau was made to fit the Fair’s theme of “Broadway Nights” and comes in 2 colors.

The ‘Spin That Record, Babe’ set is a record necklace/earring combo in the ‘Jazz’ color. You can purchase either the full set or just the necklace which comes with both female AND male chain sizes.


Second is an event put together by Radio Signals of ‘Scribble.’ The Melt project opens [[ today at 6pm SLT. ]] It brings together designers and artists to take a stand on something more political based, but from an artistic standpoint. An environment was created to immerse yourself in, and designers created items to wear in the environment to heighten the experience. The theme is Polar Bears, more specifically drowning polar bears. A full explanation can be found in-world.

Items by myself and other designers can be found HERE.

My Item:

The item includes an icicle attachment (with and without glow) with polar bear fur, and a shadows and water drips on all clothing layers.


That’s all for today! Lots of stuff to look at! And there are other great designers participating in both events, so be sure to stop by!

Love you!
❤ Vintage