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Epoque ‘VICTIM’ Tickets & Show Information

The ‘Victim’ show is a production of Epoque created to presents its new clothing collection in a unique environment. The show runs about an hour long and features the music of Lady Gaga. It is a full on concert experience with performers wearing pieces from the collection.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, August 6th, at 1pm SLT.

They will be available on Xstreet ONLY with a limit of 30 tickets per show, at L$250

There will be two shows:

Saturday, August 7th, 6pm SLT
Sunday, August 8th, 11am SLT

Please make sure you buy the CORRECT SHOW TIME when purchasing your tickets. Tickets may be refunded, but with no guarantee of openings in either show.

Ticket purchase includes a free outfit and other gifts that will be given on the day of the show.

If you are debating whether or not it is worth the price, feel free to view a short video put together by Lili Brink of ‘Brinksie’

Please note that, as of now, this is the only opportunity you will have to see the show.

Remember, tickets will *NOT* be listed on Xstreet until August 6th at 1pm SLT.

Love you lots!
❤ Vintage


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