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New @ Epoque – 7.17.10

Helloooooooooooooooooooo lovies

New stuff and some information for you today!

So first up, the next installment on the mirror sim, home of ‘melt’, is ‘It was a Blur’. The installment is now open and features some brilliant designers along with their amazing work. Find all that stuff HERE.

My contribution to this event is a full 630 prim dress. Yes, 630 …You might want to pick your jaw up off the floor now. Because of its immense prim count and structure, both Radio Signals and OMGWTF Barbecue assisted in the contruction of this dress. Without them this dress would be um. Suckish.

The dress features a prim bodice, which can be worn as a stand-alone bodysuit, a front and back piece to the dress (for multiple options), a hat, and a 2.0 Alpha layer to hide your avatars legs (works well with AO’s so they don’t poke through). The bodice also includes versions with an without a static animation (also assisting in hiding the body in the dress).

Whilst making ths dress the talented moo Money recorded and edited the full construction (sped up, of course). Which you can watch HERE.


Secondly! I’m up for Stumblebum this week, and I bring you a preview of what’s to come for Epoque LateSummer/Fall.

The Overstated Bow includes versions for your head and for your neck, allowing it to serve multiple functions. The pack includes various attachment locations in *both* colors. Great for guys & girls alike. This item can be found at the mainstore.


That’s it for this week!

**REMINDER!** The Summer Hair Retirement Sale ends *TOMORROW.* Hurry down while you can still get *ALL* hairs for L$50 and VINTAGEwear hairs for L$25!

Love youuuuu!
❤ Vintage


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