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EPOQUE – Exclusive Event Items

Hellloooo all! So this post is about the TWO events I’m participating in that open today!


First up is the Accessory Fair that opens [[ today at 1pmSLT. ]] It features a BUNCH of really great accessory designers, and we all have exclusive items that you can ONLY GET HERE.

My items:

The Gallery Chapeau was made to fit the Fair’s theme of “Broadway Nights” and comes in 2 colors.

The ‘Spin That Record, Babe’ set is a record necklace/earring combo in the ‘Jazz’ color. You can purchase either the full set or just the necklace which comes with both female AND male chain sizes.


Second is an event put together by Radio Signals of ‘Scribble.’ The Melt project opens [[ today at 6pm SLT. ]] It brings together designers and artists to take a stand on something more political based, but from an artistic standpoint. An environment was created to immerse yourself in, and designers created items to wear in the environment to heighten the experience. The theme is Polar Bears, more specifically drowning polar bears. A full explanation can be found in-world.

Items by myself and other designers can be found HERE.

My Item:

The item includes an icicle attachment (with and without glow) with polar bear fur, and a shadows and water drips on all clothing layers.


That’s all for today! Lots of stuff to look at! And there are other great designers participating in both events, so be sure to stop by!

Love you!
❤ Vintage


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