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Monthly Archives: December 2009

New Years Freebie from Epoque!

Hey guys! Sent this out to my update group earlier, but I’ve placed it in the Mainstore now. Come on down and get it while it’s still relevant! Happy New Year!


❤ Vintage


New Winter Hairs @ Epoque; For Boys & Girls!



I’ve got 2 new wintery themed hairs for you today. And one is for boys (and also unisex)!

– for girls! –

– for boys (and girls!) –

Both include a scripted sculpted hat that includes 8 knit plaid textures.

The hat does *NOT* detach and is part of the hair.

Hair is scripted texture change and includes a HUD for doing so.

275 a pack for 5 scripted colors
925 for a fatpack of 5 color packs & 5 colors each (that’s 25 colors, and saves you the price of a color pack)


This hair is located in the main building with the rest of the hair.


Love you!
❤ Vintage

Epoque Eyewear Presents, The Eclipse Pt. 1

The new Eyewear line is finally here!

For those of you who want to cut the chit-chat and get straight to the products, here’s a landmark:

*PLEASE USE THIS SLURL. These items are NOT located in the main Flagship store. They are off to the side in another building!*



Okay so after many months of preparation (and being really busy due to RL) I FINALLY present to you the new collection from Epoque Eyewear, entitled, ‘The Eclipse.’

The collection features new designs, as well as old designs from previous collections. Although I guarantee to you that these are not the same glasses you have grown to love. They have had a total facelift from top to bottom and are not longer touch scripted. Each pack includes a Texture Change HUD that corresponds with the pack you have selected. While wearing this you can gracefully and quickly click through any color you’d like, without having to guess which color is which.

I’ve also updated my vendors so that they now include a GIFT option! All you have to do is right click them and select the ‘Gift’ button from the pie menu and you can send them to whomever you’d like! Also with the new vendors I’ve added a Redelivery Terminal! If at any time you do not receive your item, simple visit one of these terminals and your item will be sent to you!



This week I bring you 7 pairs of glasses, some old, some BRAND new. I assure you this is NOT the complete collection, it is merely the start of a long work process that I am proud to finally present to you.

BRAND new Winter 09:

Spring 09


Fall 08



I hope to see you here! Come down and grab a demo and soak in the atmosphere.

Love you lots!
❤ Vintage

Holiday Glasses from Epoque!

Hello hello!

Today I’ve got a SUPER SECRET PREVIEW OF NEW GLASSES. I’ve release 5 pairs in an EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED EDITION color! Candy Cane! Some of these glasses may be familiar but I ASSURE you that there are brand new textures all around.

Packs Start at a mere L$95 for either a Copy version (for you!) or a Transfer Version (for a friend!)

Or you can get the SUPER Holiday Pack which includes 1 pair for you, and 3, THREEE, pairs for a friend! The pack is 40% off of the price of 4 glasses, which is basically like getting a pair and a half for FREE.

Here’s some snaps, they’re snazzy I promise.

Come down and try a demo and get your Holiday shopping done!


Love you!
❤ Vintage

Exclusive EPOQUE Item @ Trilogy

Hey guys! So some of you may have nabbed the Baggy Knit Hat I had out for last 50L Friday, and I hope that you loved it! I say that because this week I’ve been asked to put out an item for Trilogy’s “Woodcutter’s Daughter” theme. It’s a plaid remake of the hat and can be found for sale in the subway. The sim opens tomorrow at 3pm SLT. Here’s the full poster for details:

Also here’s the vendor ad for my poster. All info about the item INCLUDING AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER is on it.

This item is available exclusively at Trilogy Rainytown at the Combeynot sim. It is NOT for sale at my mainstore, or any other location besides this.


Love you!
❤ Vintage