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Yeeeehaw! New Hair @ Epoque!

Howdy y’all!

Okay, so if you didn’t know, Emma Gilmour of Surf Co. released some really a-MAZING cowboy hats for her Summer ‘A Little Bit Country’ release. Since then (and prior) I have been hard at work bringing you not just one, but FIVE new hairs that were made for and inspired by her hats.

Here’s the line-up!


The Hot Summer Mess is what started it all. This hair was inspired by a rowdy lady out riding her horse all day. Of course the ol’ buckeroo can’t keep her hair in order, so her buns and pigtails just fall out! Leaving you this.


The Wrangled Pigs and Piggy Tail hairs are a variation of the Hot Summer Mess pigtail, only both of them have the same attachment. Wrangled pigs is 2 tied up pigtails appearing to be bun/knot like, and Piggy Tails are exactly what they sound like. They have different bangs so that you can get some variation. Plus, if you buy both you can put either bangs on any hair!


The Wild Stallion and Stabled Pony are ponytail variations of the other hair. Different bangs than both others, and they have the same 2 variations; tied bun & pony/pigtail.

Also, Emma has been awesome enough to put her hats up in the store! One stop shopping!

Ride on over and try yourself a demo!

❤ Vintage



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