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Fall Hair @ Epoque!


The fall releases have finally begun!

Okay. So instead of ranting and raving and going on and on and on I’m just gonna cut to the chase.

I have sooo many things to release this season.

So for now! I’m releasing 5 new hair styles.


More things will be available extremely soon!

All 5 of the new hairstyles are for the ladehs~ and they are my first venture into full sculpt hair. I am extremely proud of this collection and I can’t wait for you to see the rest of it. All new hairs include a Hair Color HUD which makes it even EASIER to recolor your hair!

Because I can. I’m going to go through a few of the hairs and tell you about them:


The Overpaid Stylist hair is meant to be exactly what it sounds. But you don’t have to be one of those girls to wear it. It comes with an adorable sculpted knit cap that is texture change by the touch.


London Import II&III are remakes of the VINTAGEwear hair ‘London Import’. This hair is made with sculpts and has 2 bangs options that are up for sale. The perfect a-line now made even more perfect. šŸ˜€


The Track Star is meant to be someone running a marathon. At the beginning of the race she’s ready to go, hair done all pretty, but towards the end her forehead begins to sweat and she decides to pin her bangs back (still looking adorable, of course).

Okay so come down and I’ll see you and it’ll be awesome and we can talk about other things to expect.


Okay lady, I love you! Buh bye!
ā¤ Vintage


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