Modern. Clean. Minimal. EPOQUE – Updates from a Second Life Boutique.


The debut of my brand new sim, and brand (lolpun) has finally arrived! As well as the start of my blog for new store things and updates and stuff.

Okay so a few things before I begin. ALL VINTAGEwear items have been TEMPORARILY RETIRED. There are a few left at my Fashion Mode location, and that’s IT. Pleaseplease don’t ask me for any of the old things if they are not for sale. Thanks in advance.

Also, I’ve updated the Subscribe-o-Matic and such, but don’t worry, you don’t have to change groups or anything, you’re all set.

Now finally for the good stuff. ALL NEW ITEMS HAVE BEEN RELEASED. New sunglasses, new hair, and for the first time, Jewelry.

The sunglasses have well received many a-facelift and they include a wide variety of some of the most well known styles of sunglasses.

The hair is heavily focused on being fashionable, but at the same time being low-prim. I’ve added a new color to each color pack, and an all new color pack of super Loud neon tones. Color demos have been updated to show these, they’re available with any hair demo box.

Enjoy guys, and a huge thanks to Sylar Boyd, who helped me build this sim, and a huge shoutout to:

Miabella Foxley, for making me pretty city objects and my apartment

Asuka Martin for her epic SL rendition of Rittenhouse Square

Redd Columbia for making our amazingly adorable cafe

Sofia Gray for being fierce at all times

Dot Chaffe for moral support

OMGWTF Barbecue for our EPIC logo

And Retro Lemon for being an epic best friend.

I can’t wait for you guys to see the new stuff and enjoy the sim! See you here!


❤ Vintage & the Eugene crew


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